life models wanted for life drawing club in rotterdam

As a group of experienced and skillful draughtsmen we prefer models who challenge us (and themselves) with surprising and special poses. We do a lot of gesture sketching with short (2, 3, 5, 8, 13 minute) poses or slow-motion movement. We expect models to be comfortable with nudity and be able to improvise endless series of dynamic and expressive poses or facial expressions. We like to work with dancers and dance students, actors, performance artists and skillful artist’s models. We need both male and female nude life models. Models with special appearance (characteristic faces, less common racial characteristics or physical disabilities) are welcome for a change. We pay € 45,- per session (one hour posing, half an hour break, another hour posing).

life drawing club with male model
modelling for a life drawing class is all about improvising many different poses.

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