life models wanted for life drawing club in rotterdam

As a group of visual artists we are looking for models who challenge us (and themselves) with inspiring poses. We mainly sketch short (2, 3, 5, 8, 13 minute) positions.

As a model you have developed body awareness and body control. We also ask for physical creativity; that your postures are varied, that you can always improvise new postures and that you ensure that your postures look interesting from the different points of view of the artists. Dynamic and expressive postures are appreciated.

We try to alternately invite a male and a female nude model and pay €50 per evening (for one hour of posing, a half-hour break and another hour of posing).

life drawing club with male model
modelling for a life drawing class is all about improvising many different poses.

If you are also interested to model for the visual artist organizing this drawing club, please visit his website

    personal data



    Monday (19:25 - 22:00)Thursday (19:25 - 22:00)Friday (19:25 - 22:00)

    I can plan weeks/months aheadI only know my schedule for this/next monthYou can always call me at short notice

    physical appearance

    malefemaletrans maletrans female

    indication of stature


    indication of stature


    stature, strength, flexibility, pregnancy, disabilities, skin, hair, etc.


    I have experience modeling for gesture drawing and can create endless arrays of briefly held poses.I have experience modeling for (portrait) drawing, painting or sculpting and can sustain poses well.I have posed for photography. I have a beautiful body and I like to show it off.I enjoy sports, training and movement and modeling seems like a sporting challenge.I love playful movement, improvising and discovering what I can do with my body. I am creative and I think it would be fun to come up with poses for figure drawing.I am physically aware and love my body. I like to meditate on my posture and energy.

    Have you modeled before? how often? when and for what? what have you done with dance, theater or performance?

    education, profession, interests, sporting or artistic hobbies


    I have sufficient experience and physical creativity to offer you various beautiful, dynamic or expressive poses. I don't need a trial session.I think I can be a good model for you, but I would first like to meet with the artist and organizer of this drawing club to do an unpaid trial session.

    why do you think you will be a good model for us? Do you have special skills? What sets you apart from others?

    what are you less sure about? What would you like to experience, try, practice or learn in a possible trial session? (discovering how modeling for figure drawing is different from modeling for something else, practicing improvising postures, learning how long you can sustain different kinds of postures, gaining extra experience, receiving feedback on postures, etc.)

    slow-motion movement, facial expression, double modeling with someone you know, dramatic lighting, music, acrobatics, draping, or something completely different


    Ensure privacy

    Because you may not want others to know that you are a model and because we cannot oversee the consequences that sharing personal data may have for you, we must handle the information you share with us with the utmost care. In principle, we do not share information about you without your consent. If a drawing club or artist asks us if we know a good/suitable model for them, we will always send their contact details to you and never your contact details to them.

    In announcements for upcoming figure drawing sessions, we like to use the model's call sign and illustrate the announcement with a suitable image. That is why we ask you which name and image we can use for this.

    use my previously entered first nameuse this call sign:

    It would be nice if you could show the organizer what kind of model you are, what you look like, what you can do with your body or like to do. (photos of works of art you have modelled for, selfies, holiday pictures, portraits or nudes). We will never share or publish these images.

    Attractive picture(s), to give participants an impression of the type of model they may expect. Decide for yourself how recognizable you can be in these pictures.

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